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An apprenticeship is one option for a profession.

Company supplement from Imatra for small companies employing apprentices

21.6.2022 15:37
The municipal supplement supports employment and the development of companies.

The city of Imatra is introducing the company supplement of the apprenticeship contract as an experiment.

This municipal supplement is a discretionary reward for companies for hiring an unemployed jobseeker from Imatra on an apprenticeship contract.

─ The company supplement responds to the fact that it would be easier for the unemployed to get back into the labor market. In addition, it can be a remedy for the shortage of employees and skills in small companies. It can enable the expansion of the company and the utilization of the kisälli apprentice method, employment specialist Marika Vento says.

The company allowance can also support the employment of immigrants.

Readiness to increase support

The new company supplement to the apprenticeship contract was approved yesterday (20.6.22) in the Imatra city council. An allocation of 40 euros has been reserved for the payment of subsidies for this year.

─ According to a preliminary estimate, the allocation is enough for 6-7 companies this year. If there are more companies, the decision-makers are ready to discuss increasing the subsidy pot, Vento states.

The trainee receives a salary, the company supports

The most a company can get the municipal supplement of the apprenticeship contract is 600 euros per month for a total of six months. After this, a maximum of 300 euros per month per apprentice student can be granted for a period of six months.

─ To promote youth employment, the incentive is a 100-euro increase in the monthly allowance, if the person to be hired for an apprenticeship is under 29 years old, project manager Tiia Aromaa says.

The company that accepts the apprenticeship contract receives a municipal supplement and must pay the trainee a salary according to the collective agreement.

The municipal supplement is allocated to small companies with a maximum of 20 employees.

In the future, the city's apprenticeship supplement will be developed based on the experiences of companies and trainees.


An apprenticeship is an option


For more information:

Employment expert Marika Vento, p. 020 617 7279, marika. ventoatimatra.fi (marika[dot]vento[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Project manager Tiia Aromaa, tel. 040 526 0846, tiia. aromaatimatra.fi (tiia[dot]aromaa[at]imatra[dot]fi)


How can I apply for support?

  • The condition for granting the company allowance is that the person is an unemployed job seeker from Imatra who completes a basic vocational qualification in an apprenticeship relationship and the person is paid the applicable salary according to the collective agreement.

  • A maximum of 600 euros per month for a period of 6 months and 300 euros per month for the next 6 months, i.e. a total of 12 months, is granted for the company supplement to the apprenticeship contract.

  • In order to promote youth employment, the incentive is a 100-euro increase in the monthly allowance if the person to be hired for the apprenticeship relationship is under 29 years old.

  • The training allowance granted for apprenticeship training is taken into account when granting the municipal allowance in such a way that the combined subsidies (business allowance, possible wage subsidy and training allowance) must not exceed the apprentice's hiring costs.

  • Companies with a maximum of 20 employees can apply for an apprenticeship supplement. Apprenticeship allowance is granted on the basis of applications.

  • The company supplement application to the apprenticeship contract must be submitted within three (3) months of the start of the employment relationship.

  • Applications can be submitted on August 15.8. from The application link will be published at that time at imatra.fi/oppisopimuslisa