Vuoksi Culture Route

Vuoksi – A River Running through Karelian Life

A plentiful stock of salmon, fertile fields and pastures, as well as magnificent riverside views, has attracted people to River Vuoksi throughout the ages. The unique, multifaceted cultural past of the river at the crossroads of East and West remains there for you to see. Welcome to the world of River Vuoksi.

Vuoksi Culture Route

The Vuoksi culture route makes a tour around the river along riverside pathways and bridges. The route (about 11.5 kilometres altogether) can be followed both by hiking and cycling. You can choose between two options: the longer one is about 7 kilometres and the shorter one about 4.5 kilometres long. The Vuoksi culture route runs mainly on flat, easy terrain along footpaths. The route is not marked with orientation signs, but there are informative billboards about the sights along the route.

Accessible route 

The accessible route allowing wheelchair travel runs in Kruununpuisto and along the riverside. The route has sections with both gravel and bitumen paths, as well as a cobblestone clearing which may be slippery in wet conditions. The route runs on flat terrain, with a few road crossings and no steep inclines. The pedestrian crossings have sloping curbs. There are a number of benches for resting along the route. The route is not marked with orientation signs. The route is about 4.3 kilometres long.