Päivi Ala-Vannesluoma

Päivi Pekkanen
City engineer
Phone icon +020 617 4418


Presenter - Urban Development Board
Member - Imatran Toimitilat Oy
Name Party Positions, actions, professions, tasks Administrative duties Duties of trust Financial status and other affiliations
Päivi Ala-Vannesluoma City of Imatra, city engineer,
Urban Development Board, presenter
Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto Oy, general meeting representative,
AsOy Imatran Hentun-Liisa, board of directors,
AsOy Imatran Hentun-Liisa, general meeting representative (deputy representative),
AsOy Imatran Omenatarha, general meeting representative,
Koy Imatran Kallenkulma, board of directors (chairman),
Koy Imatran Kallenkulma, general meeting representative (deputy representative),
Koy Imatra Central Station, board (deputy member),
Koy Imatra central station, general meeting representative (deputy representative),
Koy Mansikkalan Virastotalo, general meeting representative,
Koy Villakarelia, general meeting representative,
Mansikkalan Kiinteistöhuolto Oy, general meeting representative,
Imatra Driving Training Track Foundation, board of directors (chairman),
Imatra Driving Training Track Foundation, Representative Council,
Imatran Urban Centers Association, board of directors,
Imatra Airport Support Association, annual meeting representative,
Saimaa Geopark ry, board (deputy member)
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