Antti Oravuo

Antti Oravuo
CEO / Imatran Seudun Development Company Oy KEHY
Phone icon +040 721 1310


CEO - Imatran Seudun Development Company Oy
Name Party Positions, actions, professions, tasks Administrative duties Duties of trust Financial status and other affiliations
Antti Oravuo CEO of Imatran Seudun Kehityshytiö Bio Vuoksi-säätiö senior, board of directors (chairman),
Delight Packing Oy, board of directors,
Chris-Line Oy, board of directors,
Imatran Seudun Aluekheyts Oy, board of directors (chairman),
Green Energy Finland Oy, board of directors (deputy member),
Imatran Airport Support Association, board of directors (chairman)
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