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Pekka Partinen (left), Emilio Urpalainen, Sinikka Sjöholm and Erkki Jouhki from the Develop Imatraa working group were at the award ceremony.

For the eyebrows! -Imatrankoski's idea competition was won by the "Develop Imatraa" proposal

11.10.2023 13:09
Behind the idea of ​​"Develop Imatraa" is a working group of ten people with the same name.

The idea of ​​the working group was left by the architect Pekka Partinen on behalf of.

Partinen hopes that the idea will make people move around Imatrankoski.

- We have to get people from home to the Internet to Kulm. The Internet and social media are tough competitors for the center, he states.

Develop Imatraa focuses especially on the renewal of the Napinkulma building and its surroundings. In the idea, the area is transformed into an event center that utilizes the services of the city center.

The measures would include, among other things, a new market, stage, park area and improved views of both Inkerinaukio and Koskenpartaa. Additional plantings, lighting and versatile activities such as ice skating are presented for Inkerinaukio.

According to the competition's jury, the proposal is a comprehensive presentation of the development of Imatrankoski, and is structured in such a way that it can be partially utilized. The jury states that the proposal starts from the place's own strengths and has been carefully prepared. The proposal shows a genuine interest in the development of the area as well as community spirit and living room thinking. The jury states that the proposal is child-friendly.

The second prize was awarded Seppo Leppänen "Väärätalo Imatra's entertainment and leisure center" and Kaisa Rahkonen "Kosken Väärämuuri" between the proposals. They envisioned the further use of Väärä talo. Both proposers will receive a prize of 2000 euros.

The third prize and one thousand euros went to the proposal Koskicross Imatra, which they submitted Esa Räikkönen and Koskimelontaseura Kohina.

The fourth prize, 500 euros, was awarded to the "Imatran Valoajot" idea, behind which are Kai Seppänen ja Annika Ohtonen Marketing and communications agency from Drama Queen. 

In addition to cash prizes, three honorable mentions were awarded to Kai Seppänen ja Rebekka Halonen with the idea "Karelian Pie Museum", Emilio Urpalainen with the idea "GreenPowerFest Towards a renewable future" and Pasi Jääskeläinen with the proposal "Tuonela stream".

The jury had access to all the ideas submitted to the competition, from which it scored the 23 ideas selected by the secretariat for the continuation in relation to the competition's evaluation criteria and the idea's impact on children. The final selection was made based on the discussion at the selection meeting. The judges did not know the identity of the proposers when making the selection.

We want to make use of the abundant idea bank accumulated in the competition 

Chairman of the competition jury, mayor Matias Hilden is happy about the wide interest the competition has received, after all, revitalizing Imatrankoski is one of the city's strategic goals. 

- The competition shows that the locals are also very interested in the matter. The ideas will be widely used, not just the awarded ones, says Hilden.

Project manager of the Elävä Imatrankoski project Tuija Valkeapää was happy about how much effort had been put into preparing the ideas. 

- On the other hand, a new and surprising idea does not need unnecessary explanations. As one of the judges stated, it causes shivers, says project manager Tuija Valkeapää

The ideas will be widely used, not just the awarded ones.

- You shouldn't be surprised if your e-mail rushes by or your phone rings. There were several ideas in the group, the possibility of implementation of which should be explored together, Valkeapää hints.

The result of the idea competition will be used in the preparation of the Imatrankoski development plan and in the planning of more detailed measures. Presenters of ideas and anyone interested will be offered opportunities to participate in future workshops of the Elävä Imatrankoski project.

The awarded works are presented in the appendix of the news. 

For more information:

Mayor Matias Hilden, tel. 020 617 2200, matias.hildenatimatra.fi (matias[dot]hilden[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Elävä Imatrankoski project manager Tuija Valkeapää, tel. 020 617 1147, tuija. white hairatimatra.fi (tuija[dot]valkeapaa[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Participation coordinator Heikki Laine, tel. 020 617 2321, weak. waveatimatra.fi (heikki[dot]laine[at]imatra[dot]fi)

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Silent Tarja

Make a checkerboard on the ground…

Make a chessboard on the ground. Let's turn it away for the night and you can play when you pay. The chess pieces are big. You can't steal them. Apartment buildings or a garden for everyone

Sore loser

For the competition itself...

Having participated in the competition myself, I am a little surprised by these award-winning proposals, especially the winning proposal. It's really good in itself, but I don't think it brings anything new or the kind of added value that would increase the interest of Imatrankoski, especially outside of Imatra. Only the money of the people of Imatra will hardly bring new business to the city center, even if many new squares are built or the view of the rapids is cleared. I also wonder about the Vääräntalo entertainment center. It was like that at the time, by many different hotel operators. If it hasn't been profitable for years, how would it become profitable now? Or is it intended that the city starts sponsoring a hotel-restaurant?? Renovating the building alone costs a lot, don't the competition rules also assess the cost/benefit ratio? On the other hand, Koskicross Imatra seems exciting and supports Imatra's other sporting events well. Even Väärämuuri, if done correctly, is certainly interesting and personal. I think these two would have deserved the top prize.


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