Susanna Issakainen on the steps of the town hall.
- Current quick improvements include renewing the roof of the pedestrian street's performance stage, tidying up the area and plans for the transformation of the town hall, says Vitality Director Susanna Issakainen.

A new lease of life is being sought for Imatrankoski with the cooperation of entrepreneurs and the city

25.2.2023 22:39
Working groups are currently refining ideas.

In order to enliven the city center, the city of Imatra together with the Imatra city center association Imitsi organized an event in January that was open to all entrepreneurs and entities operating in the city center area.

At the joint event, ideas were also born commendably.

- In the Imatrankoski working group, we concluded that the ideas should be divided by topic. We set up smaller working groups with representatives from both the city and the city centre. This is how ideas are put into practice, the new vitality director of the city of Imatra, who is the development coordinator Susanna Issakainen says.

The working groups are the following:

  • land use and transport
  • marketing, events and services
  • coziness
  • administration (e.g. project)

The land use and transport working group is headed by the mayor Matias Hilden. The group responsible for marketing, events and service provision is, on the other hand, the city's director of services Arja Kujala. The city gardener is responsible for the entertainment group Erika Luhtanen and the head of the group related to administrative matters is Susanna Issakainen.

First ideas to be decided in the spring

In February-March, the working groups think about quick-term corrective measures to improve the city center.

- These quick issues will also need to be decided in the short term. For example, current quick improvements include renewing the roof of the pedestrian street's performance stage, tidying up the area and moving the town hall, Issakainen lists.

Longer-term plans take more time. The biggest of these is the development of Napinkulma and the event offer.

- I would also be open to thinking about how Imatrankoski and Mansikkala can be better combined into a whole that supports the entrepreneurs of both, Issakainen thinks.

This article is related to the residents' appendix 1/2023 of the city of Imatra, which was published on Sunday, February 26.2. Between the news year. Read the attachment in its entirety from this link

Living Imatrankoski  

"We are renewing the center of Imatrankoski and promoting the development of commercial services. We will concentrate the city's services in the center area as much as possible, e.g. immigration services.  

We promote Imatrankoski's entertainment, cultural and event offerings and offer a versatile and attractive theater program.  

We still consider Imatra to be the busiest event city in the province and we especially make use of local artists, including children and young people"

Excerpt from the implementation program of Imatra's new urban strategy.

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Vladi Parsonen...

I pretty much agree…

I largely agree that it is necessary to start with renovating Napinkulma. We must also not forget the Väärätalo, some reasonable and financially sound use should be found for it (perhaps a museum? some sort of small-scale entertainment center?). It would be great if we had something for which people would come from other parts of Finland by the busload to Imatra.
I'm happy to help with ideas :)

Dear friend, Vladi Parsonen,
Construction company Julaco

Ammygo o.y

Last year I was looking hard for…

Last year, I was looking hard for a local agency that would take care of Imatra's Koskiparras affairs. It's a pretty easy way to make the operation and maintenance of shower fountains better and more affordable. I was often in contact with Imits, Kehy, and the city gardener responsible for its affairs. But it didn't progress either. Very surprising. There are other ideas, regarding the landscape, for example in the town hall park. That is, a waterfall system that works on the principle of water ram. I at Ammygo oy have a lot to offer in connection with that.


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