An employee of the property service freezes the outdoor field.
An initial freeze is underway on the Imatrankoski field.

Freezing of outdoor ice has started

20.11.2023 11:06
You may not go skating until the freezing work has been completed.

Imatra KIPA has started freezing outdoor ice.

Freezing is in progress on the following fields and rinks:

  • Vuoksenniska field and rink
  • Imatrankoski field
  • Kostinpuisto field
  • Tainionkoski rink.

Although the freeze is in progress, you may not go skating until the work is completed. 

— It would be important to have the patience to wait for the freeze to be completed, then we can get the rinks in ice-skating condition faster, sports venue master Jani Niittynen Imatra's real estate and regional service reminds you of KIPA.

On Linnala's field, freezing is started after it has snowed on the ground. The Mikonpuisto and Meltola fields will also be frozen in time.

For more information:

Gymnasium master Jani Niittynen, Jani. Niittynenatimatrankipa.fi (jani[dot]niittynen[at]imatrankipa[dot]fi) 

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