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Customer fees for early childhood education will change from the beginning of August

12.4.2024 09:58
There will also be changes to the family income limits that affect the payment.

Early childhood education customer fees and income limits have been subject to index checks based on the Early Childhood Education Customer Fees Act. Index inspections are carried out nationwide every two years.

- The last time the index check was done in 2022. Changes were made to the early childhood education customer payment act in March 2023 and the income limits changed at that time as well, says the early childhood education manager Minna Leinonen from the city of Imatra.

A monthly fee is charged for early childhood education, which is determined by the size of the family, the family's income and the need for the service.

The highest customer fee for early childhood education will rise from the current 1.8.2024 euros to 295 euros per month starting on August 311, 28. The minimum charge will correspondingly rise from 30 euros to XNUMX euros. 

The fee charged for the second child is a maximum of 40% of the youngest child's customer fee, i.e. a maximum of 124 euros, and the fee for the following children is 20% of the youngest child's fee.

Although customer fees will rise, for families with children, the change does not automatically mean more expensive early childhood education fees.

- According to our calculations, customer payments from families will generally decrease. With the change, the income limits will rise, which affects the amount of payments more than the increase in customer payments, says Leinonen.

For more information:

early childhood education manager Minna Leinonen, city of Imatra, to go. leinoneatimatra.fi (minna[dot]leinonen[at]imatra[dot]fi), P. 020

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