Orange city bikes on a summer day at their own station.

City bikes will appear on the street scene before May Day

21.4.2023 12:03
There are more bikes than last year and the first 30 minutes you can ride on Imatra for free.

The first bikes arrive already in the last week of April, and 2.5. the system is fully functional. The number of bikes has been increased since last year. Vuoksenniska, Sienimäki and Karhumäki will also have bike stations.

The city offers cyclists the first 30 minutes

- It's great that we got more bikes this year and stations in more residential areas. Now it's worth taking advantage of half an hour of free time, in that time you'll be pedaling a long way on Imatra, traffic engineer Aino Vuopio encourage.

5.5. is national city bike day, when Imatra's city bikes are also available for free for six hours.

KaaKau Oy is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the bikes

- The bikes are serviced twice a week, and the maintenance days can be increased if necessary, the company's operational manager Antti Lääperi says.

The bike model is the same as last year. During the winter, the bikes are repaired and refurbished for the summer season.

- Bicycles can be brought into the street scene when the brushing and cleaning of city streets is at least mostly completed, so that our bike station is not in the way of cleaning, Lääperi mentions.

The bikes are available at Imatra until the end of October.

For more information:

traffic engineer Aino Vuopio, aino.vuopioatimatra.fi (aino[dot]vuopio[at]imatra[dot]fi), phone number 020 617

operational manager Antti Lääperi, KaaKau Oy, infoatkaakau.fi (info[at]kaakau[dot]fi), P. 040 5622 154

This is how you rent a city bike

You can rent a city bike for your use with an application called Donkey Republic that can be downloaded to a smartphone. The application searches for the free bike closest to the renter. The rent is paid using the application.

  1. Download the Donkey Republic app to your mobile device.
  2. Locate the free wheel with the app.
  3. Rent a bike with the app. The bike lock is opened via the phone application.
  4. Enjoy cycling!
  5. Return the bike to the station you want and end the rental.

The application works on iOS9 (iPhone 5S) and Android 5+ platforms and later versions.

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