Tuula Putto


Social Democratic Party of Finland


member - Imatran Lämpö Oy
Deputy member - Urban Development Board
Name Party Positions, actions, professions, tasks Administrative duties Duties of trust Financial status and other affiliations
Tuula Putto
- Imatran Lämpö Oy, board of directors,
Imatra Rehabilitation Foundation, board of directors,
Kiinteistö Oy Imatran Ay-talo, board of directors (chairman),
Vuoksenniskan youth association, housekeeper,
Imatran Palveltaloyhdistys ry, board of directors,
Työväen Sivistysliitto TSL board member and vice president,
Sähköliitto, Board of Industry and Special Sectors (deputy member)
Imatran Electrical Industry Professional Association no. 15 (weekend),
deputy member of the urban development board,
deputy member of the city council
The person has declared his commitment as required by law.