Veikko Hämäläinen


Social Democratic Party of Finland


Chairman - Mitra Management Oy
deputy member - City Council
Name Party Positions, actions, professions, tasks Administrative duties Duties of trust Financial status and other affiliations
Veikko Hämäläinen
- Mitra Management Oy, board of directors, president,
Imatran Tennishalli Oy, board of directors (chairman),
Flat. Oy Vuoksen Haka Oy, board of directors (chairman),
Imatran Tennis ry, board, member,
Imatran Insinöörit ry, board, member,
Social Democrats of Southeast Finland, district government, member,
Imatran Palvelutaloyhdistys ry, board, member
City council, deputy member South Karelia Association, Audit Committee, member,
Kotieutuliitto, deputy representative of Imatra,
Co-owner of Tennihalli Oy
The person has declared his affiliation based on the city of Imatra's group guidelines.