Juha Varis



Member - Imatran Seudun Kehitysyhtiö Oy
Name Party Positions, actions, professions, tasks Administrative duties Duties of trust Financial status and other affiliations
Juha Varis Lappeenranta University of Technology, professor Imatran Sedu development company, board member,
Etelä Karjala Cooperative, supervisory board,
Elävä Linnoitus ry, housekeeper,
Aava Finland Oy, board of directors (chairman),
Dipeko Oy board of directors (chairman),
Bionido Oy, board of directors,
Wimao Oy, board of directors (chairman),
ModuStep Oy, board of directors
- Teknologiateollisuus ry/thin sheet products, industry group
The person has declared his affiliation based on the city of Imatra's group guidelines.