Eemil Stigman.
The city's security manager Eemil Stigman talks about security and preparedness in a recent residents' magazine.

Asukaslehti 2/2022: Safety is cooperation

5.12.2022 12:48
The importance of sharing information as part of decision-making and safety management is emphasized more than ever.

Security manager of the city of Imatra Eemil Stigman coordinates the city's risk management and continuity and preparedness planning in his work and promotes the implementation of safe working conditions in the city of Imatra.

He also coordinates the city's cooperation with other authorities and safety-critical stakeholders.

Before moving to the city of Imatra, Stigman worked as an internal security officer at the Border Guard.

- In practice, Official clothes have changed to civilian clothes, but the tasks have remained almost similar. The final arrangement is the construction of safety. The state and size of the operating environment have of course changed a bit, says Stigman.

Open discussion between authorities

During the current year, the cooperation between different authorities and stakeholders has become more condensed and welded together.

Stigman is active in South Karelia's security and preparedness committee EKTURVA and, among other things, is the chairman of its energy division.

- We meet among EKTURVA operators at regular intervals. The aim is to share information across organizational boundaries in a timely manner. EKTURVA is a good concept in terms of coordinating and coordinating overall safety, he says.

EKTURVA includes, among other things, representatives of cities and municipalities, the police and the rescue service.

- Open dialogue is important in promoting everyday safety. For example, safety-related matters must be discussed with the police almost every day. It is clearly noticeable that people are the most alert to prepare for crisis situations. This frees up resources from the authorities for their actual work, for example during a social disturbance, says Stigman.

You can't prepare for everything

The sense of security is individual for everyone. How can the city increase it?

- From the perspective of everyday safety, Imatra produces, among other things, high-quality education and welfare services. The important thing is that a person feels safe in society and feels that he belongs to it, Stigman thinks.

In the city, means are being created to increase the sense of security and cost-effective ways are being developed to combat risks facing the city.

It is difficult to prepare for everything or not all risks can necessarily be managed, but they can be identified.

- Some risks have to be accepted and they have to be dealt with, says Stigman.

Imatra has the capabilities to establish a regional preparedness center and it has already been practiced, as it will be practiced in all municipalities.

- Even at the national level, we have many big issues related to safety on the table at the same time. It is possible to identify only a few risks in the security environment that would only affect Imatra. In general, disturbances in society have ripple effects on other areas and actors. Crises don't necessarily look at municipal borders, Stigman mentions.

- You have to remember that safety measures don't just limit operations. By preventing safety risks in advance, new ones can also be created.

Residents' magazine

Eemil Stigman

Started working as security manager of the city of Imatra in March.

Master's degree in military science.

Lives in Imatra with his family. E