The swimming hall photographed from the air.
Decisions regarding the construction of the swimming hall are guided by the strategy.

Asukaslehti 2/2022: How does the Energinen Imatra 2030 strategy show up in everyday life?

5.12.2022 13:09
The strategy determines all the city's activities. It should also be visible in the everyday life of city dwellers.

Imatra's new strategy rests on three pillars. They are

  • a responsible city of culture and tourism
  • feel-good Karelian city as well
  • the city of doing things together.

The most important tasks have also been defined for the three cornerstones.

The pursuit of a responsible cultural and touristic city is started by investing in the lively city center, Vuoki and the Saimaa and Ukonniemi regions.

Emphasis is placed on the development of services for city dwellers. The well-being Karelian city - in stone.

In turn, cooperation is developed with associations and companies and by investing in the development of excellence at Imatra.

We asked the mayor from Matias Hilden what strategy ultimately means.

1. What does all this mean in everyday life? So how does the strategy show up in the lives of the people of Imatra?

The strategy, especially our promises, should be reflected in the city's operations and in the daily lives of the citizens. Based on it, an attractive Imatra will be built for new and existing residents and businesses.

Things are rarely visible directly, but indirectly and with time.

For example, investments will be made in the environment of Imatrankoski in the coming year, and it will hopefully be reflected in the improvement of the comfortability of the area.

2. The strategy guides the making of budgets. What strategic guidelines will there be in next year's budget?

In addition to the development of Imatrankoski, investments can be expected, for example, in the general cleanliness of the city. We also invest significant sums in euros in renovating new residential areas (IVO's area) and existing ones. In addition, a significant contribution to favoring entrepreneurs is that the city will waive the dividends of Imatra Lämmö in the coming year.

3. The strategy is not implemented in an instant. What big strategic decisions or investments can be expected for the next years? What is the strategy implementation program like?

Significant investment needs, such as a swimming pool and a sports hall, are such that when making them, the strategy must guide the planning and implementation. The same applies more generally to, say, zoning or where we invest euros in everyday life.

4. In connection with the strategy, the city of Imatra has also made value promises. The city promises to be agile, open, serving and renewing. How is the fulfillment of the promises monitored?

Every resident probably measures this himself, but for example the speed of customer service or giving feedback is one way to measure success. When our predecessors were asked about it, we should invest the most in renewal.

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