Seppo and Eeva Kainulainen in the yard of Eeva's old home.
The people of Kainu visited Apusen's house in August of this year. You couldn't go inside anymore, because the house is in bad shape.

Asukaslehti 2/2022: The love story that started at Rajapatsa has carried through life

7.12.2022 12:24
Eeva and Seppo Kainulainen noticed by chance that their old home was being demolished. They wanted to visit the familiar house one more time.

In August 1967 from Imatra Seppo from Kainua tensed.

It was the wedding day.

Even though the decision felt right, the tension was felt in the pit of his stomach when Kainulainen left to pick up his future wife from Apusen's house in Rajapatsaa.

And there the bride was waiting. Beautiful, as always.

The young couple was married in Tainionkoski church, the wedding was celebrated in Osula's restaurant, on the second floor of Vääräntalo.

After the party, the newlywed couple moved to Tampere and started building their life together.

Last visit to the house In 2022

The Kainulainen couple visited Imatra. As often before, they drove past Apusen's house.

- We had gotten into the habit of driving by the house every now and then when we visit here. My brother lives in Ruokolahti, so we visit the region regularly, Seppo says.

This time, a sign had appeared on Apusen's house: This property will be demolished.

- It aroused interest. We wanted to visit the house one more time, Eeva Kainulainen says.

Even though his childhood family had already moved out of the house in the 1970s, an emotional bond drew him back. The visit was successful in August. The couple headed to the house together with the city's real estate manager Petri Nuutinen.

It was no longer possible to go inside, because the house, which had fallen into bad shape, was not safe from the inside. However, you could go to the yard to reminisce and watch.

- I don't have a special longing for there, but of course I had fond memories. After all, I lived there all my childhood and youth until our paths crossed with Sepo, says Eeva.

Life goes on

The world has treated us well, they say.

After leaving Imatra, the people of Kainu moved to Helsinki via Tampere and finally to Lahti, where they still live.

The family grew; a daughter was born in 1970, a son four years later. Now they also have great-grandchildren.

A lot of wonderful and good things have happened in life.

- God has led us with love. I don't think it was a coincidence that we noticed that the lady's childhood home had to be demolished, Seppo admits.

One thing in their life story thus comes to an end.

Life goes on.

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