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To the city center! is an idea competition open to everyone

5.7.2023 10:58
The competition seeks ideas for revitalizing Imatrankoski. The main prize is a cash prize of 7000 euros.

An idea competition for revitalizing Imatrankoski is underway. You can participate in the competition on 18.9. until.

The competition seeks sustainable solutions:

  • profitability and sustainability of commercial operations 
  • to ensure comfort and the attractiveness of the city center 
  • activities, events and experiences 
  •  for securing social diversity and children's inclusion 
  • to a safe urban space 
  • to the functionality of traffic and infrastructure 
  • to architecture.

A discussion on the topic will be organized on Imatra Day on Saturday 19.8. August. 

— At that time, it is an excellent opportunity to discuss questions related to the competition, vitality director Susanna Issakainen advise.

If you have questions, you can also send questions to the city by email. Attached are answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Who can participate?

Who ever. The competition is open to everyone.

What will the winner get as a prize?

The prize is cash prizes of 7, 000, 4 and 000 euros. It is hoped that the significant sums will encourage the making of well-prepared proposals that will genuinely help in the development of Imatrankoski. We need a lot of good ideas, both big and small.

What is the competition area?

The proposals must concern the Imatrankoski area. The area is marked on the map.

Competition development area on the map

The boundaries of the area are not absolute, but the main focus of the proposal must be in the area of ​​Imatrankoski's commercial center and rapids. 

The competition is not about developing the area of ​​Vuoksi, Mansikkala or IVO, for example, but they may be related to the idea in some way. 

Who will choose the winner, and when will the winner be chosen?

The winner will be chosen by a jury, which will be announced in August. The proposals presented to the jury are processed by the secretariat, which mainly consists of employees of the Imatra city group. The members of the secretariat have expertise in the topics of the competition.

The winner will be announced on 11.10th of October. You can participate in the competition until 18.9th of September.

How can you participate?

When your idea is ready, you can leave it from this link.

Where can I get more information?

We are happy to advise and discuss with the participants in the competition, because this way the final result is the best possible proposals. Answers and questions are compiled To the city center! - website.

Questions can be sent by e-mail to registryatimatra.fi (kirjaamo[at]imatra[dot]fi). The message title must include the word "Kulmilla!".

A discussion session about the competition will be held on Imatra day, August 19.8th. Also at that time is a good opportunity to talk with the organizers of the competition.

For more information:

director of vitality Susanna Issakainen, p. 020 617 2201susanna.issakainenatimatra.fi (susanna[dot]issakainen[at]imatra[dot]fi) (on vacation 14.7.-2.8.2023)

participation coordinator Heikki Laine, p. 020 6172321,  weak. waveatimatra.fi (heikki[dot]laine[at]imatra[dot]fi) (on vacation until 30.7.2023 July XNUMX)

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