A tractor plows the sidewalk in the snow.

Warning about treacherous polants and slippery streets

19.12.2023 13:52
The street network's maintenance activities today focus on the maintenance of property streets and light traffic lanes.

Due to the rapid rise in temperature and the rain, even minor snowstorms are disappointing on the streets and the light traffic routes have become icy due to the rain.

- Mud will be removed from these lanes and anti-slippery protection will be carried out, says the foreman in charge of regional maintenance Mika Vartiainen From KIPA.

- On Wednesday, the maintenance equipment starts at 2.00:XNUMX a.m. at night to ensure the flow of traffic on Wednesday morning, he continues.

Caution in traffic.

For more information:

responsible foreman Mika Vartiainen, Imatra real estate and area service Oy, mika. the guardatimatrankipa.fi (mika[dot]vartiainen[at]imatrankipa[dot]fi)


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