Fisherman in autumn Vuoksi.

Hanging bridges and fountains - or a natural stream?

1.10.2022 11:43
Development is long-term work. A lot has been accomplished thanks to project financing.

What to do with Vuoksi?

Imatra has been thinking about that for decades.

Opinions are divided: some want fountains, restaurants and suspension bridges, others a natural stream.

— We balance between these. We have already done a lot for Vuoksi, and there is still a lot to do. At the same time, however, it must be remembered that preservation is also important, project manager Minna Kähtävä-Marttinen says.

After initial investigations, concrete measures

With the help of the projects, a lot of basic work has been done: it has been found out what natural and historical values ​​and destinations Vuos actually has. This information is needed, for example, in the protection of the area's natural and cultural values ​​and in the development of recreational use.

After the foundation work, it has also been possible to build new ones, for example piers and signposts telling about the history of Vuoksi.

— With the help of project financing, we have achieved a lot that the city's money would not have been enough for. The work is long-term and planned, but the results will be visible with a delay, liaison director Tea Laitimo says.

Vuoksi is one of the priorities of Imatra's new strategy, and we will continue to invest in its development. The recently completed From Station to Station strategy outlined the long-term development of Vuoksi's environment.

Currently, a virtual presentation of Vuoksi is being made in the Visit Vuoksi project. The performance will be placed in the premises of the art museum. Linnankoski's development work is also underway: At the bottom of Vuoksi lies a unique power plant ruin, whose potential as a diving tourism destination is to be improved.

Once a month, Imatra reveals the background of current issues in the Uutisvuoksi local newspaper. You can influence what topics are covered. Answer the survey: imatra.fi/taustaslakymä

This is how Vuoksi's environmental development has progressed with the help of projects

  • 2005–2007 Construction of Inkerinaukio
  • 2007 Development of Varpasaari fishing park
  • 2007 Construction of the summer theater stand
  • 2008–2009 Construction of the Summer Theatre's cafeteria
  • 2008–2010 Development of Kruununpuisto
  • A comprehensive renovation and development plan was made. The parks were renovated, the lighting and sound around the rapids were redesigned and a new control center was built for the rapids display technology.
  • 2009 Renovation of the Inkerinaukio kiosk
  • 2011–2012 Development of Imatrankoski's commercial services
  • 2010–2011 Vuoksi general plan
  • Structures enabling recreational use were planned. In addition, salmon spawning areas were mapped and a management plan for the Vuoksi fishery was drawn up. In addition, the natural and historical resources of Vuoksi are included in the inventory.
  • 2011–2013 Implementation of Vuoksi's master plan
    • Built e.g. Neitsytniemi's fishing piers and Itä-Siitola's bird platform, Kruununpuisto's gazebos and walkways were renovated, and Kruununupisto's drama tours were developed.
  • 2012– Habitat renovations of the Vuoksi salmon stock, an ongoing project
  • 2012–2014 GeoVuoksi: Exploring the geology of Imatra and Vuoksi
  • 2013–2015 Construction of the urban stream
  • 2018–2019 Development and construction of the Virtualaikoski.fi online service that utilizes augmented reality
  • 2019–2021 RiverGo: Compilation and utilization of Vuoksi's nature and data affecting it.
    • In the project, the damage caused to Vuoksi's fish farm and the fisheries obligations were collected, the salmon stocks were investigated and their use and care were considered.
  • 2019–2022 Visit Vuoksi: promoting tourism in the Vuoksenlaakso area
    • In the project, boat piers have been built, possibilities to build a suspension bridge over Vuoksi have been mapped, and the principles of sustainable event organization have been piloted. Read more: imatra.fi/cbc-visit-vuoksi
  • 2020-2022 Construction of the Mellonlahti water pumping station
    •  The results of the first water samples show that the water quality has started to improve remarkably well.

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-Continuous running past,…

-Continuous running over, even if it's small. A dry bed is an embarrassing revelation when tourists come to see the great Imatrankoski and see only a dry rocky bed.
-Self-sufficiency in electricity production would be achieved if one or more flow-through power plants were built in suitable locations. And let's keep their ownership in the city.

Merja Purovaara

Coffee cup vijonki…

A coffee shop at the mouth of Mellonlahti at the beginning of the causeway, from where you can admire the effervescence of the rapids.

Anssi Piirainen

Let's return to Kruunupuisto...

We will return the original pilings to Kruunupuisto, which tell about the history of the park.

Sari Kemppinen

Additional suggestion;,…

An additional suggestion, a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists from Veteraaanipuisto to Hilja's yard.

Tuija Mertanen

Swimming place for city dwellers…

A swimming spot for city dwellers in the cove of Evälahti.


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