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The income limits for customer fees for early childhood education will change from March 1.3.2023, XNUMX

1.2.2023 14:30
Especially those belonging to the highest payment category should check the new income limits. Otherwise, the payments will not change.

The income limits for early childhood education customer fees will change at the beginning of March. Guardians must submit up-to-date income information to the city no later than February 28.2.2023, XNUMX.

- In particular, guardians who have accepted the highest customer fee should check the new income limits and, if necessary, provide up-to-date income information, the city's head of early childhood education Minna Leinonen to point out.

If the family agrees to the highest payment, no income statement is needed.

Report income by email or post during February

The income statement of the family's gross income is submitted to the early childhood education office either by sending the income statement with attachments by post or by sending the attachments by email to merja.ojalaatimatra.fi (merja[dot]ojala[at]imatra[dot]fi).

Income information to be sent by post is requested to be sent to the address:

City of Imatra, Early Childhood Education, Merja Ojala
Virastokatu 2
55100 Imatra

The information can also be delivered directly to the city hall's customer service. 

The welfare board discussed early childhood education fees at its meeting on January 25.1.2023, XNUMX. Income limits change nationwide.

For more information:

early childhood education manager Minna Leinonen, to go. leinoneatimatra.fi (minna[dot]leinonen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 3515

Edited on 13.1.2023 at 9:22: Corrected the date of the board meeting to 25.1.2023
Edited on February 1.2.2023, 14.30 at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.: Information supplemented. 

Income limits for early childhood education fees as of March 1.3.2023, XNUMX:

Minimum family income limit Highest payment

total euro/month income limit euro/month

2 3 874,00

3 4 998,00

4 5 675,00

5 6 353,00

6 7 028,00

If the family size is larger than six, the income limit used to determine the payment is increased by 262 euros for each subsequent minor child in the family.

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Minna. Leinonen...

Hi There is no income statement...


There is no ready-made basis for the income statement. Income can be verified by sending the guardians' latest payslips in accordance with the instructions.

Antero Kölli

What kind of income statement…

What should the income statement look like? Is there a ready base for that? At least you won't find such a thing on the website of the city of Imatra.


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