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The value of the summer work voucher has increased.

Young people can apply for summer work vouchers from February

20.1.2023 10:05
The value of the note has increased: next summer, a young person employed with the note will receive a salary of at least 500 euros.

The distribution of summer work vouchers starts in the municipalities of South Karelia on February 1.

The value of the note is 350 euros, which is 50 euros more than last year. The salary paid to a young person employed with a voucher is in accordance with TES or at least 500 euros. The amount of salary has also increased since last year.

—The value of the note has been increased, because the cost of living in general has increased. The increase has been specifically aimed at the salary of the young person, Ohjaamo advisor Johanna Mäkinen from Imatra Ohjaamo tells.

Seteli's mandated amount of work is 60 hours.

More than 700 banknotes to be distributed

A total of 717 banknotes are distributed in South Karelia. There are two types of banknotes in the distribution: some of the banknotes are the municipalities' own banknotes, some are Etelä-Karjala Osuuspankki's and Luumäki Osuuspankki's banknotes.

All notes are of the same value.

In every municipality, a young person born between 2006 and 2008 can get an Osuuspankki banknote. In the municipalities' own banknotes, the age restrictions are as follows:

  • Lappeenranta 1994–2008
  • Luumäki 1994–2008
  • Imatra 2003–2009
  • Ruokolahti 2003–2009
  • Rautjärvi 2003–2009
  • Parikkala 2003–2009

On Taipalsaari, only Osuuspankki banknotes are distributed.

Banknote distribution in Imatra and Lappeenranta

Vouchers will be distributed centrally through the Lappeenranta and Imatra Offices on February 1.2. from

Imatra, Ruokolahti, Rautjärvi and Parikkala notes are distributed from Imatra's Driver's office. You can apply for a note electronically from this link.

The notes of Lappeenranta, Taipalsaari and Luumäki are distributed from the Lappeenranta Driver's office, you can submit an application here.

—The principle is that young people are primarily employed within their own municipality. However, this can be deviated at discretion, Ohjaamo youth worker Nina Laine from Lappeenranta.

For more information:

Imatra, Ruokolahti, Rautjärvi, Parikkala:
Cabin counselor Johanna Mäkinen, city of Imatra, johanna.makinenatimatra.fi (johanna[dot]makinen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 7277

Lappeenranta, Taipalsaari, Luumäki:
Cabin youth worker Nina Laine, City of Lappeenranta, nose. waveatlappeenranta.fi (nina[dot]laine[at]lappeenranta[dot]fi), tel. 040 504 1946, 

OP South Karelia:
Contact manager Vesa Surakka,  vesaatop.fi (vesa[dot]surakka[at]op[dot]fi)

OP Luumäki:
Tiia Pesonen, tel. 050 415 6171. tiia. pesonenatop.fi (tiia[dot]pesonen[at]op[dot]fi)

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