Awarded on Imatra Day
Last year's Imatra Day awardees. That event was also held virtually.

The distribution of Imatra Day awards online again

16.8.2021 21:06
The live broadcast starts on the city's channels on Saturday at 11.45:XNUMX a.m. You can participate in Imatra day on social media with the tag #imatrapäivä.

Due to the corona situation, the large public events of Imatra Day had to be canceled this year as well.

This is unfortunate both for the people of Imatra and for all the organizers. The Talkoo people were really committed again. Vespecially when many parties have made a lot of preparations for the program according to the theme, event manager Sari Saarinen says.

The traditional awarding of the city of Imatra's awards and the unveiling of the Imatra medalist will be carried out virtually, like last year. The city's representatives and awardees will be broadcast live at 12 noon. The event will be broadcast from the theater and can be followed via the city's website (imatra.fi), YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

The Youth Chamber of Commerce will announce Imatra Inker at its own event in the evening. An announcement about the selected Inker will be published on the city's website and social media on Saturday around five in the evening.

Videos online

In honor of Imatra Day, the Imatra gymnasts association will also publish a new video on Saturday. The video will be published on the city's website and Facebook on Saturday at 14 p.m. In addition, the city will share The Voima's Imatra Day video on its channels.

In addition, Hiisi's latest gym video, popular with children, will be shown for the first time on Imatra Day. It will be published on city channels at 9 am.

Park event at the Jääski club, open doors in the cockpit

The Jääski club is organizing its own program in the park of the Imatrankoski church on Imatra day at nine in the morning.

Also at Cockpit Imatra will be open on Saturday 21.8., when the townspeople will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Ohjaamo's operations from 12 to 16 p.m.

Imatra Day will be announced in detail at the end of the week.

Share your favorite photo of Imatra on social media

The traditional folk festival will not be celebrated this year, but let's celebrate Imatra on social media! Share your favorite photo or video of Imatra on social media with the tag #imatrapäivä. The city of Imatra continues to share photos on its own social media channels.


For more information:

Event manager Sari Saarinen, p. 020 617 2213, sari.sarinenatimatra.fi (sari[dot]sarinen[at]imatra[dot]fi)

About the Some campaign: communications expert Jonna Mielonen-Jumisko, phone 020 617 2231, jonna.mielonen-jumiskoatimatra.fi (jonna[dot]mielonen-jumisko[at]imatra[dot]fi) 


Updated on 19.8. at 9.45:XNUMX am: Detailed schedules and added information about the #imatrapäivä campaign.

Imatra day 21.8.

  • Singing Karelia and remembering Jääske - Jääski club's event in the park of the Imatrankoski church
    • o 9.15 Flower laying at the statue of Mother Karelia. Departure from Jääske gate
      o 9.30 in Kirkkopuisto:  Continuation war summer 1941 in Jääske - announcement of publication & congregation greeting: Imatra parish priest Mari Parkkinen & musical performances, cantor Samuli Saarela. 
  • At 9 o'clock Hiisi jump video publication on imatra.fi, YouTube and Facebook.
  • At 11.45 o'clock of the city of Imatra award ceremony and the unveiling of the Imatra medalist on imatra.fi, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • At 14 o'clock Release of Imatra's Gymnasts video on imatra.fi, YouTube and Facebook
  • Around 17 pm, the Youth Chamber of Commerce will announce of the new Imatra Inker, the announcement is also published on the city's Facebook and imatra.fi pages
  • The Voiman Imatrapäivä video  in social media
  • The people of Imatra favorite pictures and videos from my hometown all day on social media - you can find them by tag #babyday