Gravel parking area in front of the commercial buildings.

The construction of the P area of ​​Koskentori will start on Monday, October 30.10.

26.10.2023 14:33
Parking spaces for 46 cars will be built in the area.

After the renovation is completed, you can park in the parking area with a parking wheel for four hours on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 16 p.m., and at other times without restrictions.

The area is closed during the work

The construction work, which will last an estimated three weeks, will start on Monday 30.10.2023 October XNUMX in the morning.

- The vehicles must be moved out of the area next Monday morning at the latest, when the work starts around 7-8, says the foreman in charge Jukka Malinen from Imatran Kiinteistö- ja aluepalvelut Oy.

Parking spaces for 46 cars will be built in the parking area, two of which are disabled spaces.

In addition, a stormwater network and lighting will be built in the area.

Vehicle access to the area will remain unchanged after the renewal. A new pedestrian route will be made from the parking area to Einonkatu.

- The parking area will be done this year, except for asphalting. It won't be done before winter, says the developer Konsta Toikka from Mitra Imatra Rakennuttaja Oy.

For more information:

developer Konsta Toikka, Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja Oy, consta.tokkaatmitra.fi (konsta[dot]toikka[at]mitra[dot]fi), tel. 05 235 2829

responsible master Jukka Malinen, Imatran Kiinteistö- ja aluepalvelut Oy, jukka.malinenatimatrankipa.fi (jukka[dot]malinen[at]imatrankipa[dot]fi), tel. 05 813 6610

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