In the picture, on the left blue dashed line is the water main, from which a branch will be made to Koivuniemi.

In Saimaa's Törönlahti, a new water pipe will be installed and the old sewer will be removed

22.11.2022 12:24
The new water main will be connected to the existing water main running at the bottom of the lake, from which the water will be led to the new pressure boosting station that will be built later on the shore of Koivuniemi.  

Preparatory work is underway in the area, diving work will be done during weeks 47 and 48.

At the same time, an old, decommissioned sewage sewer is being dismantled from the bottom of Törönlahti.

The pressure sewer line will be dismantled along with pipe weights for a total distance of approximately 2,1 kilometers, says the local supervisor of Mitra Imatra Rakennuttaja Oy Konsta Toikka.

The changes being made now will improve the security of Koivuniemi's water supply and prepare for possible additional construction in Koivuniemi and its surrounding area.

- In the future, Koivuniemi's water will come from its own back, when it is now bought from Ruokolahti, says the network master of Imatra Water Kari Mäkelä.

For more information:

Local supervisor Konsta Toikka, Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja Oy, consta.tokkaatmitra.fi, tel. 05 235 2829

Jouni Kunnas, Saimaan Diving Service Oy, 040 0128844

Network master Kari Mäkelä, tel. 020 6174383, kari.makelaatimatra.fi

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