Adult and young performers on the Koskenparta stage in Imatra.

Imatra Day 24.8.2024th of August

25.5.2024 22:33
The day is celebrated in the spirit of nature, togetherness and entrepreneurship.

On the second last Saturday of August, the people of Imatra have their own day again, and guests from nearby municipalities and further afield are also welcome. Imatra Day is now being celebrated for the 26th time.

New and traditional in the day's program 

— The novelty is an event at the city stream, where the public can watch how the ELY Center conducts fish nutrition research. At the event, they will also talk about the preliminary results of the groundhog study, says the city's event producer Mari Haaparanta.

Local companies and associations are invited to present their activities at Yritystori in Nepparinaukio. 

— You can book a free place by the end of July through the form on the website of KEHY, i.e. Imatra Regional Development Company, kehy.fi.

At the end of the Imatra day, there is a rapids show inspired by water, light and music "Dancing waters" at 21:30.

The music in the rapids show is the Whitewater Symphony composed by the band Osmo's Cosmos from Imatra, to the beat of which the rapids bubble and the illuminated fountains dance on the dam. 

Come and present your activities to Imatra day or tell us your idea if you would like to reserve time from the performance stage. Registrations are requested on 31.7. by Mari Haaparanna on 020 617 1096.

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The article is part of the city's May residents' supplement, which is published stapled between Uutisvuoksi magazine and distributed to homes on Sunday, May 26.5.2024, XNUMX.

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